Open Source Intelligence

OSINT Collection

DeepBD’s DynaLoader technology automatically targets, aborbs, and curates the latest Open Source Intelligence in real-time. Collect from social media, news outlets, public records and more. We’ve been collecting over 15,700 newspapers from around the world, as well the most popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and LinkedIn. Our technology is agile and customizable — if it’s publicly available, DeepBD can acquire it.

Cognitive Computing

Our cognitive computing tools run over every piece of information as it’s absorbed, automatically analyzing and extracting the key information that’s relevant for your mission. Scanning millions of data points a day, our software allows your analysts to spend less time researching and more time taking action.

Intelligent User Interface

Visit the DynaSurf page to learn more about our highly configurable front-end platform. Dynasurf puts all of your information in a single pane of glass allowing for advanced search and analysis capabilities.

  • Advanced conceptual search — find documents with similar themes not just key word matching

  • Tag content for reporting on sentiment, themes, or topics

  • Create automatic search agents with regular alerts that let you know when new important information has been added