Powering Cognitive Computing

DynaLoaderâ„¢ is a comprehensive system for the acquisition, absorption and curation of large datasets integrated with near real-time data analytics. Our data enrichment engine is composed of numerous curation subsystems designed to accommodate a wide range of both structured and unstructured data sources.

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Our Capabilities

Cognitive Computing

Cognitive Computing adds layers of intelligent processing across all aspects of the DeepBD platform. Features such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Graph Networking run over every piece of data as it enters the system enabling you to:

  • Pinpoint and extract key information and receive notifications immediately.
  • Scan through millions of documents and automatically identify key people, organizations, and locations.
  • Build complex, relevant connections between seemingly unrelated data points.

Our product is able to synthesize information across disparate datasets and help you find meaningful intel you never knew existed. Cognitive Computing is a powerful force multiplier, enabling you team to spend less time researching and more time taking action.

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Language Translation

DeepBD uses the latest in advanced Neural Machine Translation to create always evolving cross-language models that provide superior results to older statistical translation tools. Our training methodology is able to create hyper-targeted custom language models for specific sub-sets including industry specific or regional dialects. With our constant learning capability, our language models adapt to ever changing colloquial and slang terms.

With both on-demand and automatic language translation services, make translation requests as you need them or auto-detect and translate all new information that comes in.

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Blockchain technology allows for real-time asset management with high transparency record keeping while also maintaining strict security controls.

Manage your data with the blockchain — maintain detailed records of when documents were created, who has ownership, who has access and who’s made edits. Encrypt the data while maintaining meticulous records in unalterable logs.

Control your logistics — track ownership and hand-receipts, view real-time critical supply chain information, manage scheduling and maintenance information and more. Blockchain provides for a high-availability management system for your critical infrastructure.

Visit the alia page for more information about how DeepBD uses the blockchain.

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Data Mining

Trying to make sense of vast amount of data can be a time consuming, error prone process. Our DynaLoader technology removes that headache and makes short work of even the largest data pools.

Open Source Intelligence sources such as social media, news outlets, and public records can be gathered in near real-time. Our Cognitive Computing platform automatically extracts and analyzes the data as it’s brought in, quickly turning a world of big data into actionable intel for you and your team. Get the information you need as soon as it comes out and put it to work immediately. Or connect to your already existing databases or file systems and discover new mission critical insights that previously went unnoticed.

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