DeepBD products are
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Our software is designed to adapt to the user’s interest creating a single pane of glass that blends information from a multitude of information sources.  Our capabilities are modular and allow us to rapidly create unique and custom solutions for our customers.

Military OSINT


DeepBD™ is the only cognitive computing software company powered by the DynaLoader™ platform for the acquisition, absorption, and curation of open source data to create actionable intelligence using artificial intelligence.

DeepBD™ combines the power of machine learning with human insight to define relationships and connections between data sets – regardless of type or volume – and discovers patterns that would otherwise be impossible to find. Our cognitive computing platform is capable of acquiring any type of open source data, absorbing it into useable information , and curating it to solve complex problems with leading AI technologies.

DynaLoader™ is a comprehensive platform for the acquisition, absorption and curation of large datasets integrated with near real-time data analytics. Our data enrichment engine is composed of numerous curation technologies designed to accommodate a wide range of both structured and unstructured data sources.

DynaLoader is collecting a huge amount of information in real-time—with the current capability of scaling to over 15,700 newspapers from around the world, as well as the most popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn and more. The curation process not only organizes the content but also rank orders/prioritizes the most relevant information from all the available open source websites.

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DeepBD™ ’s cognitive computing expertise encompasses artificial intelligence, machine learning, neurological and Symantec reasoning, natural language processing, language translations, and human – computer interactions.

Our expertise features the development of cognitive computing platforms that are adaptive, interactive, and contextual:

Adaptive platforms benefit users as information requirements change for objectives, goals, and targets without changing data base or system requirements for cost savings.

Interactive platforms allow users to change search criteria for speed, flexibility, and power.

Contextual platforms provide users the ability to curate data into information and gain knowledge based on: Concepts, Meaning, Time, Location, Domains, Laws, Regulations, Policies, and Profile.

Cognitive Computing

Use the power of cognitive computing to do the boring work so you don’t have to. Use the DynaLoader platform to intelligently target the open-source intelligence that’s relevant for you. Translation occurs automatically thanks to the Alia Language Platform and information is sorted according to agents you design. DynaSurf workspaces give you the tools you need to filter and organize that information in a way that makes sense to the mission. We do the grunt work so your analysts have more time to start making a difference immediately.


In a globalized world, data challenges have grown increasingly complex.
The volume of data is beyond the means of a human operator or even a team of humans to evaluate with any efficiency or accuracy.
The real challenge does not lie in collecting huge amounts of unrelated data.
It lies in the ability to curate and find patterns within the data that can be turned into actionable intelligence.