DynaLoader™ is a comprehensive system for the acquisition, absorption and curation of large datasets integrated with near real-time data analytics. Our data enrichment engine is composed of numerous curation subsystems designed to accommodate a wide range of both structured and unstructured data sources.

Cognitive Computing powered by DynaLoader


A powerful distributed compute cluster boosts neural network calculating power to inspect, curate and analyze information as it is collected.


Powered by a game changing data collection engine flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of both structured and unstructured data sources.


Designed to scale in a distributed framework leveraging a semi-autonomous resource manager to handle massive jobs.

DynaLoader is collecting a huge amount of information in real-time—with the current capability of scaling to over 15,700 newspapers from around the world, as well as the most popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn and more. The curation process not only organizes the content but also rank orders/prioritizes the most relevant information from all the available open source websites.

See DynaLoader™ in action with DynaSurf

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DeepBD’s Artificial Intelligence components are fed by a cutting-edge accumulation engine powering intelligent collection nodes. As depicted in the graphic, data ingestion relies on a modular system that collects information from various sources to include social media, blogs, databases, RSS feeds and document stores. Information is then fed through several AI systems for curation and delivery to the user.


DynaLoader represents the integrated engine powering our software. Its proprietary architecture leverages distributed compute clusters to remove physical computational expense when scaling. The entire infrastructure is virtualized, allowing us to abstract processing power needed for advanced analysis. This capability allows us to inspect, curate and analyze vast amounts of data while it is being collected.

Artificial Intelligence powered by Blockchain

Making artificial intelligence smarter and faster is computationally expensive and dependent on hardware factors, such as GPU cards, for speed when training new AI models.



PolyGlot Data Mining Platform

  • The Power of Many
    The  platform is capable of spreading the neural net’s calculations across whatever number of GPU cards are then-available in our network.
  • Cryptocurrency Miners
    Miners contribute GPU Cards and earn tokens by performing neural net calculations, blockchain functions and service work that are recorded directly to the blockchain.
  • Solid Security
    All components of the platform are secured to the highest US Government standards and communicate via DeepBD’s proprietary Encryption Server.